Sunday, October 2, 2011


Hello, I am Sarah, Some of you may know me from my other blogs

Since I finished college on the 31st of August I had this great idea to start penpalling again. When I was a lot younger I used to write letters to my Dad's cousins daughter who was also called Sarah and we did exchange a few letters and then lost touch. 

Then when I was about 17 I met a Thai girl on ICQ and she asked me to exchange postcards with her and then I exchanged some letters with some Korean friends I also met on ICQ then we all lost touch and I hadn't thought about penpalling at all while I was in college.

But anyway at the beginning of September I decided to take it up again and start exchanging handwritten letters. Since I put up my ad on and Interpals I have started doing snail mail with 6 people

2 from Korea (Mi Kyung, Ji Hye)
1 from Hungary (Kriszta)
1 from USA (Arturo)
2 from Hong Kong (Kaye and Shirley)

It has been wonderful I have replied to all of them and am waiting for their replies ^^

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